The Trois Pendant
There are often pieces of jewelry that outshine the wearer itself. These pieces capture all the attention before it goes to the person wearing it. The Trois Pendant is one of those pieces that will persuade people to talk about...
The Bloom Stud Earrings
Add some colors to your life with the beautifully vibrant and extravagant Bloom Stud Earrings that are sure to bring out the best in your appearance. The picturesque flower decorated with the most stupendous shade of blue stones attached to the string of...
The Burgeon Silver Earrings
Flowers have always been an inspiration in the jewelry designing, thus bringing uniqueness in floral designs has always been onerous. Despite of being difficult, these designs catch the most attention and are always desirable. The Burgeon Silver Earrings is one of...
The Lydia Pendant
The Lydia Pendant
The Lydia Pendant is the most vibrant and vogue pendant designed to grab your attention in the very first instant. Featuring a contrast of white and emerald, both flowers compliment each other. While the sparkling little white stones keep you...
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